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What is JoSAA? (Complete details) from

JoSAA stands for Joint Seat Allocation Authority. The very first meeting of JoSAA was held up in IIT-Bombay campus on 2 May 2015, Saturday.  JoSAA is a memorandum of Mutual Agreement that was signed between the Joint Admission Board to standardize and control the admission course of action athwart 80 top-tier colleges in India. Ministry of Human Resource Development undertook the task of organizing this meeting to sign the memorandum. The business rules or norms were finalized for Joint seat allocation in the meeting. From now on,80 NITs, IITs and other technical institutes will make available 32000 seats to the students at one single platform 

Decisions Taken By JoSAA
It has been decided in the meeting that the seat allocation for all the academic courses will be done on Joint basis by 88 institutes of year right from the academic year 2017 by JoSAA. In the meeting, the memorandum was signed between various authorities such as Joint Entrance Admission (JEE- advanced) 2017 that represents ISM Dhanbad and all the IITs, Joint Admission Board (JAB) and Central Seat Allocation Board 2017 that represents the IITs, NITs and other fully or partly Central or State Government funded technical institutes. From 2016, it has been decided that all the institutes will follow a same platform for the admissions. The admissions will take place on online basis only. National Informatics Centre has been chosen to design the host site for the joint seat allocation by JoSAA online.

What will it Result in?

All these institutes are following their own admission procedure since years. This increases the burden for students as well as for the institutions. The new system that has been adopted by JoSAA will ensure the reduction in the rate of vacant seats, for the students will not be able to block the seats now as they used to do earlier. This Joint Seat Allocation will also result in whole process getting more efficient, effective and a lot faster.

Follow Up Procedure

JoSAA aims at providing the students a smooth admission process. The norms thus decided in the meeting will be published on JoSAA will start the whole process of Joint Seat Allocation from June 2017. All the courses offered by the 80 IITs, NITs and other technical institutes’ courses would be available in the similar online platform right from the starting of this academic year, 2017.
Ministry of Human Resource Development and JoSAA will issue an official notification once they are clear with all the details regarding the new procedure that are yet to be discussed.


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